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Causes, Effects And Solutions to Global Warming - Essay Example

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This essay is about the "Causes, Effects And Solutions to Global Warming". Global warming is not a new term for most people…
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Extract of sample "Causes, Effects And Solutions to Global Warming"

Download file to see previous pages So what is global warming? Global warming is a steady increase in earth's temperatures that is attributable to the rise in carbon dioxide levels and other forms of pollution. There has been a surge in the temperature of the world from around 1950 up to now. These causes, effects, and solutions to the global warming essay will give more insight into the serious issue at hand. What Causes Global Warming The issue of global warming is a big concern to the world and its leaders. There has been an increase in the issue due to many environmental severe factors. Due to the rise in the temperature of the earth's surface, the lives of creatures that live on earth have changed in a bid to adapt to the rising temperature readings. Global warming causes can be grouped into human influences and natural causes of global temperature increases. Understanding the Natural Causes of Global Warming One of the natural causes of global warming is the sun's rotation. As the sun rotates, there is a change in its intensity, and it often moves closer to earth, leading to an increase in global temperature. We cannot downplay how greenhouse gases lead to the warmth of the earth. These gases, including sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide, prevent the rays of the sun from escaping the earth's surface, leading to an increase in the global temperature. Methane and volcanic eruptions are other causes of global warming. If you research about volcanic eruptions, you will note that single combustion releases significantly high levels of carbon dioxide that hang on to the atmosphere. An increase in carbon levels often leads to a rise in temperature. Digging deeper into methane, you will find out that methane traps the atmospheric heat more than twenty times than carbon dioxide making it more dangerous and a key contributor to the increase in global warming. The sad part is that we may not be able to get rid of methane because it is emitted from many areas, including cattle, coal mining, and industrial waste. Understanding the Human Causes of Global Warming Human beings have been accused of not taking care of earth hence leading to global warming. The activities of the human being that leads to global warming are more than natural sources. Before the introduction and adaption of the modern lifestyle, the temperatures of earth were at bay. Human modification of the modern lifestyle has contributed significantly to global warming.  Some of the human activities that have contributed significantly to this issue are: Industrial Revolution The human-being advocated for the industrial revolution leading to an increase in the use of fossil fuels. Every machine currently uses fossil fuel, and it is hard to eradicate this. The process of making essential tools, including communication devices, involves the use of fossil fuel at some point in production. During production, carbon dioxide is emitted in the environment leading to an increase in the temperatures of the earth.   Mining Has Led to an Increase in Global Warming The human being values precious stones and metals because of their financial value and the status they give a person in society. Mining leads to methane emissions. Methane is a key contributor to global warming. Other than mining, cattle rearing also leads to an increase in methane levels on earth. Deforestation The issue of deforestation has cropped up due to an increase in the number of trees that cut to ensure human comfort. Cutting of trees is often to facilitate the production of items that make human beings comfortable such as furniture and building of houses. Deforestation leads to an increase in the production of carbon dioxide. Trees are useful in absorbing this gas and are therefore able to reduce the impact of worldwide warming. If the human continues cutting down trees, there will be an increase in global warming attributed to carbon dioxide production. The human also produces carbon dioxide when breathing. The concentration of carbon dioxide on earth is, therefore, already very high due to human activity. Always cutting trees will mean that there will be no effective absorber of carbon dioxide, thus leading to an increase in global temperature rise. Impact of Global Warming If global warming does not reduce any time soon, the impacts will be tremendous on the surface of the earth. Gases that remain in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide and methane, are especially dangerous and are a great contributor to this issue on the earth. The human race should be careful of these effects since earth is the cradle home that the human knows. Melting of Polar Ice Caps As the warmth of the earth increases, one of the effects will be the melting of ice at the North Pole. This meeting will lead to a rise in the sea levels by up to about two hundred and thirty feet and may cause havoc to low lying and cause these areas to be full of water. As a result, human displacement and inability to conduct any business may occur. These impacts may not be seen immediately, but the fact remains that if this international issue at hand remains as it is or continues building up, sea levels will also rise gradually, causing this impact. Loss of Habitat for Species Certain animals and species may lose their habitat because of this issue. These species include tropical frogs and polar bears, which may not have a place to live. Birds previously found in certain areas may also be forced to move from their original places of dwelling and find viable options. Birds, unlike animals and humans, have the option of looking for a more suitable place that will favor their living conditions and temperature expectations. Economic Loss Because of Hurricanes Climate change will cause an increase in the number of hurricanes, which cause immeasurable damage to the economies of the world. The governments of the affected areas will be forced to reduce spending in certain aspects of their economies to rebuild their countries. This will be a global disaster and will lead to damages to peoples' houses, deaths, and peoples' ways of doing their things. Global governments may even have to form alliances to assist each other to reduce the impact of hurricanes. How to Stop Global Warming There are various solutions that we can adapt, which will significantly reduce the impacts of this issue. The human race needs to move fast and implement solutions that will reduce the heating up of the earth. Here are some of the answers: Reduce the Use of Electricity and Gasoline The human race depends so much on the use of gasoline and electricity for their everyday daily lives. To reduce the impact of global warming, individuals should consider using other safer energy sources instead of electricity, such as solar energy. To minimize the use of gasoline, people should look into carpooling or make use of the public transportation system while going to work. This will reduce warming and save the environment. Opt for Recycling Individuals should opt for recycling. Recycling will significantly minimize the impact of global warming because there will be fewer pile-ups of plastics, papers, and other trash, which may contribute to the emission of carbon dioxide. Recycling generally improves the appearance of the environment, making it safe, presentable, and welcoming. Stop Deforestation Trees will reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, therefore, saving the globe from severe impacts. Instead of cutting trees, people should instead plant more trees and protect the environment. Stop the Burning of Plastics The burning of plastics will lead to an increase in the level of carbon dioxide in the air. This will, in turn, harm our environment. Individuals and governments must come up with strategies that will reduce or completely eradicate the burning of plastics because the effects are felt tremendously in the environment. Some of the techniques that may reduce the use of plastics include encouraging the reuse of plastic for other purposes and swapping plastic with other biodegradable materials. Many global impacts of climate change and an increase in warmth around the globe are felt by all dwellers of the world. Individuals need to come up with measures that will reduce these impacts and eventually let the environment heal. Practices such as reusing, recycling, and stopping deforestation should be global practices that everyone is aware of. Global leaders should be at the forefront of protecting the environment by coming up with solutions that will reduce climate change.               ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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