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The Common Perception of Environmental Problems - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "The Common Perception of Environmental Problems" states that the country should continue exploiting its natural resources in a way of observing sustainability. That involves scaling up the size of renewable energy investment, most specifically the use of ‘green energy’. …
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The Common Perception of Environmental Problems
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Extract of sample "The Common Perception of Environmental Problems"

Download file to see previous pages The concept shares the generic school of thought where it sheds light on the conglomerate of human activities that jeopardize the health of all life and the environment. Absurdity arises from the perception of the ‘Not In My Back Yard’ syndrome where people’s concern pointed out the environmental impact caused by the company they work in. The myriad of the mentioned factors compelled governments to draft strong environmental policies to avert further damage to the environment (Asif, 2007, p.12).
The commercial world has also shown dedication by adopting strong environmental policy statements in their systems and some have further sponsored several environmental conservation projects through donations or direct participation. The government has created a ministry specifically concerned with addressing national environmental concerns. The Energy Act (2008) has expressed the government’s commitment to reducing nuclear accident risks in future by rolling out a master plan that will phase out fifteen of its nuclear reactors, embrace the potency of wind power technology in injecting more power to the grid, harness more solar power and expand biomass use in power generation by 2025.
The most powerful principle in addressing modern environmental concerns is the principle of precaution developed in 1992 in the form of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. Its objective was to minimize potential risk caused by nuclear technology by embracing cost-effective measures before putting up a nuclear plant in any country (Asif, 2007, p.31). Environmental problems have existed back from an industrial and agrarian revolution in the U.K. Major environmental concerns, therefore, arose in order to address present and emerging environmental issues. This was achieved by implementing environmental management laws that are later enacted as environmental policies at different geographical domains. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Common Perception of Environmental Problems Research Proposal.
(The Common Perception of Environmental Problems Research Proposal)
The Common Perception of Environmental Problems Research Proposal.
“The Common Perception of Environmental Problems Research Proposal”.
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