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Body and Conclusion of the about Biodisel - Research Paper Example

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The paper contains the body and conclusion of the research paper about biodiesel which generates less carbon dioxide compared to conventional fossil fuels. Increased use of biodiesel coupled with the abandonment of fossil fuels leads to a substantial reduction in CO2 emission into the atmosphere…
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Body and Conclusion of the Paper about Biodisel
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Extract of sample "Body and Conclusion of the about Biodisel"

Download file to see previous pages In March 2014, a group of research personnel under the committee named Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a landmark and award-winning report on global warming. According to the credit-deserving report, global warming is an imminent environmental threat that poses grave danger to the global population, and if left unchecked, can lead to conflicts and mass migration. With that forecasted perspective, the panel was also outright in asserting that the rise in atmospheric temperatures, which causes global warming, results from human activities. This means that the effects of global warming can be prevented by adopting efficient environmental conservation measures.

The authoritative report from IPCC mentioned that global warming can be reduced significantly by abandoning the use of gasoline and other dirty fossil fuels. Burning of fossil fuels for energy production produces carbon dioxide (CO2) nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and other greenhouse gases. In conventional situations, approximately 70% of all fossil fuels find application in the powering of the automobile. The other 30% is used in electricity generation and the manufacture of plastics (Sakunthala and Vijay 1570). Technically, CO2 and other related gases prevent heat from escaping into the outer layers of the atmosphere. In addition, it re-radiates the heat evenly to all parts of the world. The more carbon dioxide released, the more heat trapped and re-radiated. On the other hand, the increase in the consumption of fossil fuels translated into a corresponding increase in the volume of CO2 and other greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere. Undeniably, fossil fuels are not the only source of CO2 in the atmosphere. However, when compared to other sources like volcanic eruptions, the fuels produce the largest volume of greenhouse gas that causes global warming.

Based on the premise that fossil fuels account for a substantial portion of greenhouse gases, IPCC recommended that the only way to counteract and mitigate global warming is to use renewable energy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Body and Conclusion of the Paper about Biodisel Research, n.d.)
Body and Conclusion of the Paper about Biodisel Research.
(Body and Conclusion of the Paper about Biodisel Research)
Body and Conclusion of the Paper about Biodisel Research.
“Body and Conclusion of the Paper about Biodisel Research”.
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