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Indigenous Environmental Studies in Preserving and Conserving Nature - Book Report/Review Example

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The reporter states that the Indigenous Environmental Studies provide ample importance to the role of indigenous population in preserving and conserving nature. Within this scenario, the initiative undertaken by the native population in different nations is utmost important…
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Indigenous Environmental Studies in Preserving and Conserving Nature
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Extract of sample "Indigenous Environmental Studies in Preserving and Conserving Nature"

Download file to see previous pages The critical assessment of the work All Our Relations: Native Struggles for Land and Life, by Winona LaDuke, proves that the Natives play the most important role in preserving nature, but the implementation of preservation techniques and conservation techniques is the best possible way to save the whole world.
The critical assessment is divided into four sections: Is the work a good source for Indigenous Environmental Studies or not, the strengths and weaknesses of the work, recommend this work or not, and useful or not.
This work can be considered as a good source for Indigenous Environmental Studies because it explores the harmonious relationship between Native Indians and the Mother Nature. Within the context of Indigenous Environmental Studies, one can see that human encroachment upon nature resulted in the disappearance of natural vegetation and indigenous population in North America and Canada. From a different angle of view, cultural diversity and biodiversity are interconnected. When the indigenous population is forced to face extinction, the cultural diversity of the society is under imminent threat. On the other side, the Native American territories provide ample importance to the preservation of biodiversity. Besides, this work provides ample importance to the Native American awareness which exhibits their relationship with the natural world.
At the same time, this work evaluates the importance of Native environmentalism within the scenario of Indigenous Environmental Studies. This work is able to create awareness among the mass on the importance of the preservation of nature and conservation of resources for the future generations. Besides, this work unearths the political and spiritual aspects of environmental activism. In this work, the statements by Native environmental activists prove that it is the collective responsibility of the human beings to preserve the ecological balance of nature. In short, this work acts the role of an eye-opener to those who are totally ignoring the importance of nature in human life.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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