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Preventing Biodiversity Reduction in the Coastal Zone - Coursework Example

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"Preventing Biodiversity Reduction in the Coastal Zone" paper focuses on the coastal zone, an ecosystem that contains a rich diversity of life forms. It serves a broad range of purposes, including the protection of the coastal land from floods and erosion during storms in the case of wetlands…
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Preventing Biodiversity Reduction in the Coastal Zone
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Extract of sample "Preventing Biodiversity Reduction in the Coastal Zone"

Download file to see previous pages The varied organisms and species interact and are interrelated with each other. Biodiversity have three levels - genetic diversity (i.e. diversity of genes within a species and between species), species diversity (refers to the differences in populations within a species, between populations, and between the various species), and ecosystem diversity (refers to the various habitats, biological communities and ecological systems; also denotes differences within ecosystems) (Ecological Society 1997).

An ecosystem remains stable and balanced due to the variety and richness of organisms and species. The relationship of the varied species within an ecosystem has been well documented that destruction or extinction of one species may affect other living things, which may even lead to the extinction of the other species in the ecosystem. Thus, preserving and protecting one species in a particular area is similarly protecting the rest of the species. This is equally true to land-based species and sea and coastal creatures. Biodiversity denotes ecosystem balance and survival of the species within the system.

Generally, the ecosystem remains balanced in its usual natural course. The imbalance occurs when outside elements interfere with the usual processes. Man has interfered with the natural ecosystem for a long time. One form of invasion is by establishing habitation in the coastal areas (Water ecology 2009). It is reported that an estimated two-thirds of the total population lives near or along the coasts (Water ecology 2009). In fact, wetlands and some coastal areas are being dried by people in order to reclaim land for urban expansion (Water ecology 2009). The wetlands are also converted for farming, mining, gas and oil extraction, and highways for land transportation (Water ecology 2009).

Sewage run-off and toxic contaminants (e.g. pesticides, heavy metals) are passed to coastal zones that become concentrated over a period of time (Water ecology 2009). These chemicals threaten aquatic life and biodiversity. Over-fishing of a certain species without proper regulation likewise degrades biodiversity (Water ecology 2009)  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Preventing Biodiversity Reduction in the Coastal Zone Coursework - 1.
(Preventing Biodiversity Reduction in the Coastal Zone Coursework - 1)
Preventing Biodiversity Reduction in the Coastal Zone Coursework - 1.
“Preventing Biodiversity Reduction in the Coastal Zone Coursework - 1”.
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