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Is It Time to Revive Nuclear Power - Coursework Example

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This coursework describes the time to revive nuclear power. This paper outlines major concepts of nuclear power, benefits, and negative aspects, features of technologies, the problems based on its use. …
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Extract of sample "Is It Time to Revive Nuclear Power"

Download file to see previous pages The thermal energy is attained by burning fossil fuel in a thermal power plant but the nuclear power plant utilizes some radioactive material mostly uranium to generate thermal energy (IEA, 2003). In a nuclear reactor, uranium undergoes a fission reaction. The chain reaction generates a large amount of thermal energy. The thermal energy is further utilized to generate power. The process to generate power from thermal energy is same for both thermal power station that generates power from firing fossil fuel and nuclear power plant. Aerodynamic energy in the steam is changed to mechanical power (Holdren and Smith, 2000).
The nuclear power generation system cannot be considered as a renewable power generation system because there is a need to change the uranium rods by the passage of time (Rhodes and Beller, 2000). The system uses uranium rods to fulfill the fuel requirements. The used uranium rods are of no use but they are still radioactive and can cause harm to the environment and its life so for the protection of the environment uranium rods are handled carefully. The used rods are considered as waste and are disposed of properly. It takes almost a month and a few days to maintain and to change the used rods with the new uranium rods (IEA, 2003). Secure methods are utilized to dispose of the used uranium rods to fight security issues.
The other waste from a nuclear power generation system is heat as a nuclear reactor is a heat engine and the disposal of unwanted thermal energy is a massive problem. To sort out the problem with the unwanted thermal energy, a lot of cooling techniques are utilized to sink the undesired heat from the reactor (Tehran and Saran, 2003). The thermal energy generated in a nuclear reactor is more than what is required and the production of thermal energy is so rapid that it is almost impossible to utilize all the thermal energy efficiently (Holdren and Smith, 2000). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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