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North America Drought which Occurred due to Global Warming - Literature review Example

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This paper "North America Drought which Occurred due to Global Warming" discusses the impact of global warming in the formation of drought followed by discussing its reconstruction, causes, and consequences. How we could possibly prevent global warming will be tackled in detail…
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Extract of sample "North America Drought which Occurred due to Global Warming"

Download file to see previous pages The atmosphere traps the heat coming from the energy of the sun. In line with this, the greenhouse effect maintains the average surface temperature of 60oF (15oC) Earth (the United States, Office of Technology Assessment, Congress 1990). The greenhouse effect is caused by the greenhouse gases that trap the sun’s heat within the atmosphere. In the absence of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, it is possible that the Earth’s temperature will reach 0oF (-18oC). A temperature this low is too cold for most of the living things to survive.

atmospheric temperature to heat up. This could result in global warming causing disastrous effects such as hurricanes, drought, El Niňo, tropical storms, and other extreme changes in the climate (Science Daily 2009). Because of the significant increase in the atmospheric temperature, it is possible for the polar ice to melt. This natural phenomenon can cause the sea level to increase.

In relation to the significant changes in the atmospheric temperature, the cool weather condition that is taking place in the eastern tropical Pacific as a result of a low sea surface temperature is one of the main causes of drought in the western part of North America (Conroy et al. 2009; Seager et al., 2005b). Based on the modeling and the past empirical studies concerning global warming and drought, there is a strong connection between the sea surface temperature with the precipitation and patterns of temperature among distant regions (Seager 2007; Seager et al., 2005b, 2005a). By considering the sea surface temperature and its association with the El Nino Southern Oscillation patterns of climate in the tropical Pacific and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation and AMO in the north Atlantic region, climatologist can somehow predict climate changes on decadal timescale and possible drought or pluvial in North America (Cook, Seager and Miller 2010; Keenlyside et al. 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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