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Analysis of Water Scarcity - Research Paper Example

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This essay discusses the issue of water scarcity. There are several factors that contribute to water scarcity but it is important to note that most of them are due to human activities. This implies that a solution can be found but only if each and every person would be willing and dedicated to find it…
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Analysis of Water Scarcity
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Water Scarcity"

Download file to see previous pages Where it is available, most people do not appreciate it and end up utilizing it in a wasteful manner, forgetting that there are other areas where people are dying and suffering from the lack of it (Postel, 2007). This paper is a critical evaluation of water scarcity, causes, and effects as well as how this problem can be solved in order to save lives.
Water scarcity can be defined as a situation whereby the demand for clean and safe water exceeds its supply (Postel, 2007). This is a major issue that has continued to threaten the lives of human beings. It is estimated that approximately 900 million people and above in the world’s population have been suffering from water scarcity and with the prevailing conditions this number is expected to increase unless stringent measures are undertaken (Pearce, 2006). This means that these people live with the threat of contracting infections such as typhoid, diarrhea among other water bore diseases since they cannot afford to observe basic hygienic procedures such as hand washing, bathing among others. The water available to them is either contaminated due to industrial wastes directed into rivers or it is full of pathogens as a result of poor human and animal waste disposal which is channeled into open water reservoirs by floods. As a result, children especially those under the age of 14, who are perceived to be more susceptible to water-borne diseases than adults, have been dying at an alarming rate of approximately 4000 children per day, which is significantly in the range within which other diseases such as Malaria, HIV, and TB are (Pearce, 2006).
Water scarcity is highly correlated to poor economic growth in a given society. In the affected areas such as the developing countries in the third world league, it is observable that poverty is a major contributing factor, which makes it difficult for the common man to afford quality water (FAO, n.d). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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