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Environmental Impacts of Food Production - Research Paper Example

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The author of this research paper "Environmental Impacts of Food Production" explains that the high rate of environmental degradation and the depletion of our ozone layer are some of the reasons supporters of Green Revolution are demanding that food production processes should be energy efficient…
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Environmental Impacts of Food Production
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Extract of sample "Environmental Impacts of Food Production"

Download file to see previous pages This investigation takes place during the U.K’s in-season production of strawberry: because out-of-season production would be time-consuming and is beyond the scope of this report.
All the information presented below about the production system is strictly in accordance with the standardization ISO 14041, which states that: “The systems should be adequately described in detail and clarity to allow another (LCA) practitioner to duplicate the inventory analysis,” (Marinova et al., 2006).
Goal and Scope: The goal of undertaking life cycle assessment on strawberry production in the UK to ascertain the level of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, the possibility of understanding the benefits of the process and investigating if it is doable to engage in green marketing, eco-labelling and energy conservation. The scope is to define strawberry (product), its functional unit, product system and system boundaries.
(i) Product definition: Strawberries are traditionally grown in the UK to supply for local consumption. This is because they are mostly grown on small-scale fruit farming, producing only a small proportion of the entire quantity of strawberries consumed in the UK (Janick & Paull, 2008). It is helpful to define the kinds of processes required in producing strawberries in the UK.
(ii) Product function: The main function of strawberry in the UK is to be used as fruit and food supplement that provide the needed nutrients for the body. Some of the nutrients that strawberry produces include but not limited to water, energy (30,000kcal), protein (0.610g), total fat (0.370), Calcium (14,000mg), Potassium (166,000mg), vitamin C (ascorbic) (56,700mg), Cholesterol (0000 mg) and so on. These nutrients are required by human bodies to function properly. And for the fact that strawberries have zero calorie and little fatty contents, they are helping to maintain one’s weight, no matter the quantity of the fruit that was consumed (Berdanier, 2002). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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