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The Extreme Breeding and Sexual Reproduction Behaviour of the Mirounga Leonine - Research Paper Example

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The study undertaken is focused on the extreme polygyny of southern elephant seals of the Sea Lion Island. The results of the study undertaken by Fabiani, Galimberti, Sanvito and Hoelzel presented an update of the line of research that it is even to the point of being an extreme type of polygyny…
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The Extreme Breeding and Sexual Reproduction Behaviour of the Mirounga Leonine
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Download file to see previous pages Polygyny is one of the types of breeding in animals which can be described by having a male member of the population have a specific or non-specific number of female partners. The said process can be considered of interest specifically in behavioural ecology in relation to the determination of different concept such as genetic contribution of parents, paternity, breeding behaviours and techniques and other issues that can help classify, observe and analyze the animals belonging to different groups and families (Scheffer, 1969; Sumich & Sumich, 2008). Included in the most significant examples of animals that utilize polygyny are the mammals. Based on the studies that had been undertaken related to the polygyny in mammals, one of the most important reasons for the said practice and/or adaptation is the unequal production of the gametes from the female compared to the male members of the population. The main role of the males in the population is to mate with a number of females regardless of the percentage the said number of females can achieve pregnancy in a particular breeding season. Due to the said behaviour of the male population, the females can also have different partners but fertilization and pregnancy can be achieved by a single male member of the population (Sumich & Sumich, 2008). There are different factors that can be related to the polygyny in mammals. Aside from the disparity in the gametes, sexual dimorphism is also another important indication of polygyny in selected species. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Extreme Breeding and Sexual Reproduction Behaviour of the Mirounga Research Paper.
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