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The Geological Features and the Meteorological Conditions of the Massive Landslide - Term Paper Example

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The following paper 'The Geological Features and the Meteorological Conditions of the Massive Landslide' presents Natural disasters such as Landslides, floods, avalanches, etc. which pose a significant threat to humans who are definitely no match for it…
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The Geological Features and the Meteorological Conditions of the Massive Landslide
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Extract of sample "The Geological Features and the Meteorological Conditions of the Massive Landslide"

Download file to see previous pages A landslide is a natural disaster which is the ‘downward and outward movement of a soil mass that formed part of a slope. A landslide may occur with or without any apparent disturbance and involves a soil mass ranging from a few to several million cubic meters.” (The Canadian Encyclopedia)
Landslides are dangerous and life-threatening as they are responsible for the loss of life of not only humans but also the flora and fauna in that region. They also reduce the value of property resulting from the loss of agricultural and forest productivity. In addition to this, landslides disrupt various transportation systems and pollute surface water.
Keeping these points in view, we are going to discuss one of the major landslides that took place in Quebec. On May 4th, 1971, one of the worst ever landslides took place in Champlain Clay at Saint – Jean Vianney, Quebec, commencing at approximately 10.15 pm. This geotechnical Journal gives us a first-hand report about the factual events that took place on that fateful day in May.
At approximately 10.55 p.m., this major landslide hit the town of on the east side, on the west shore of the Petit Bras River, very near Saint- Jean – Vianney. Within the short duration of 5 mins, the watery slide had dragged down 40 single family homes to total destruction and caused the death of 31 people.
This slide was reported to have commenced within the crater of a very huge landslide that had taken place about 500 years ago, and soon after liquefaction had been completed, it coursed its way down the Riviere aux Vases, with a speed of about 16 miles/h (~26 km/h) The slide was made up of semi-solid clay and flowed down at an estimated 9x10 cubic yards (6.9 / 10 m) from an approximate area of about 350,000 square yards (~268000 m) carrying its load of debris right into the center of the Saguenay River. The Saint-Jean – Vianney landslide is considered to be one of the most disastrous and important landslides from both a geotechnical as well as a human and economic point of view, to have taken place in the province of Quebec. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Geological Features and the Meteorological Conditions of the Massi Term Paper, n.d.)
The Geological Features and the Meteorological Conditions of the Massi Term Paper.
(The Geological Features and the Meteorological Conditions of the Massi Term Paper)
The Geological Features and the Meteorological Conditions of the Massi Term Paper.
“The Geological Features and the Meteorological Conditions of the Massi Term Paper”.
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