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What Are the Effects of Industrial Pollution to Nature in Turkey - Case Study Example

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This paper "What Are the Effects of Industrial Pollution to Nature in Turkey" discusses different aspects of industrial pollution in Turkey. It observed that some of the major environmental problems in Turkey are air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, and hazardous waste…
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What Are the Effects of Industrial Pollution to Nature in Turkey
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Extract of sample "What Are the Effects of Industrial Pollution to Nature in Turkey"

Download file to see previous pages It is observed that electroplating and chemical industries are responsible for the generation of a considerable portion of emissions that contain heavy metals, and may affect adversely on human lives and environment. On the other hand, sugar, pharmaceuticals, and textile industries are responsible for the generation of organic pollutants in the atmosphere. Refineries, fertilizers, stone mines, and thermal power units are mainly the causing sectors of contributing a substantial amount of air pollution in the Turkish atmosphere. In specific, sulfur, nitrogen, and hydrogen sulfide are some of the main pollutants that are generated from the burning of fuels in the abovementioned industries in Turkey. Though vehicular sources also contribute to these pollutants, hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, and some specific hazardous pollutants are generated by the industrial sectors of the country.

Waste oils and solvents are one of the major forms of hazardous wastes that are generated by the industries in Turkey. Hazardous catalysts are generated by the oil refineries and fertilizer industries, which pose great risks to the environment. In addition, iron and steel industries generate process dust that is considered one of the major forms of hazardous waste. Moreover, serious environmental problems are posed by power looms and fabrication industries that result in the noise pollution for the employees, as well as, the people living in the nearby residential areas. It is observed that inadequate acoustic measures are taken at the time of utilization of diesel generators in most of the Turkish industries that result in noise pollution.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(What Are the Effects of Industrial Pollution to Nature in Turkey Case Study, n.d.)
What Are the Effects of Industrial Pollution to Nature in Turkey Case Study.
(What Are the Effects of Industrial Pollution to Nature in Turkey Case Study)
What Are the Effects of Industrial Pollution to Nature in Turkey Case Study.
“What Are the Effects of Industrial Pollution to Nature in Turkey Case Study”.
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