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China mitigating the impact of carbon dioxide - Essay Example

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This essay describes to date, the extent of CO2 release in China despite current international efforts intended to ensure its decline continues to augment catastrophically. This is evident with the current studies contending Chinese still continues to lead in terms of CO2 emission…
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China mitigating the impact of carbon dioxide
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Extract of sample "China mitigating the impact of carbon dioxide"

Download file to see previous pages Contrary to numerous states that have alleged both China and US are ignorant of numerous policies that global agencies have instituted to shun climate degradation, it has however tried to implement varied national policies. For instance, China this year revealed its intentions of reducing the CO2 emission levels stated in 2005 by approximately 60-65%. This coupled with other numerous advancements devised and proposed by Chinese government; experts have contended the country seems now to be on the right track towards curbing its excessive CO2 release. However, despite these advancements and proposals by Chinese government, the extent of CO2 emissions from the numerous sprouting industries by the day is still high, which makes the country appear as if is it is not doing enough. One of the policies implemented and currently, in place includes the vehicle exercise taxation. This policy normally compels those owning automobiles with big engines to be parting with a significant amount of taxation that commensurate with the extent of CO2 release. Hence, discouraging people from opting to own vehicles like SUV whose impact through pollution is quite high compared to small engine cars. These laws are extremely stringent compared to those in US but the challenge emerges with double release not only from the automobiles but also from industries. Hence, prompting other global states claim Chinese government does not exhibit the necessary willingness towards curbing this menace, which has ensued to political issues. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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