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The Effects of Global Warming - Research Paper Example

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This essay discusses global warming which results from the increase in temperatures around the earth. Some of the effects of global warming include the rise in the intensity of heat waves around. There is strong evidence to suggest that the present period is the hottest in over half a century…
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The Effects of Global Warming
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Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that global warming is likely to cause an increase in temperatures, which results in flooding along the coast. Researchers show that the sea level has risen by around four to eight inches in the 20th century alone. The increase in sea level results from the expansion of sea water. Also, experts feel that global warming will result in a massive increase in vector-borne diseases. Pathogens reproduce very fast when in warm temperatures. Some of the most significant diseases include rodents and mosquitoes.
This study highlights that the consequences of global warming result in a lot of damages to the environment and will likely lead to adverse outcomes for the future generations. Some of the outcomes include deadly heat waves, rising of the sea level and flooding, droughts and wildfires. Also, global warming will result in an increase in diseases such as malaria. Moreover, the ecology of the earth will become imbalanced because of the melting ice and mountain glaciers. Global warming plays a huge role in the change of the planet’s ecology. Most of the causes of global warming are human activities. For example, production activities and energy production activities result in a release of gases into the atmosphere that traps the planet’s heat before it gets fully radiated. Therefore, it is important to conduct a study of the causes of global warming and the likely solutions to the problems that result from the phenomenon. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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