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Effects of Population Density - Essay Example

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Population density is a socio-economic term that refers to “the number of people in a defined jurisdiction, in relation to the size of the area that they occupy” (Last 2002, 941). As in urban areas live greater number of people on a specific territory than in rural areas,…
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Effects of Population Density
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Download file to see previous pages Overall, the population grows in the world, and the population density becomes higher, especially in urban areas and large cities.
In addition to physical population density, researchers identify another type of population density known as psychological state of crowding. Therefore, while discussing the topic of population density it is important to take into account not only pure statistics on density, but also the individual’s perceptions of crowding (Jain, 1987). Physical population density may cause negative effects on human behavior associated with intrusion to their territory, abuse of their personal space and/or breaking of their privacy. This paper aims to provide a more detailed analysis on how the concepts of territoriality, privacy, and personal space have become increasingly important as populations become denser. Also, this paper aims to examine the concept of noise and how it affects individuals.
Privacy is an integral need of any individual, as it is “right to be left alone” (Ogden 2008, 20). With the development of Information Technologies and globalisation, the concept of privacy has been extended significantly covering thus the issues of private communication, surveillance, corporate monitoring, etc. Practically all people expect privacy in their lives as this is one of the fundamental human rights declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Ogden 2008). However, despite such a strong legal buttress, privacy as the human right has many different threats, varying from political and technological to social changes. One of such threats is increased population density (Ogden 2008).
Territoriality initially was an important political and geographical term. Nowadays, it is widely adopted in environmental psychology and implies a concept whereas an individual organism or a group of organisms attempts to control a specified territory (Bortman et al., 2003). In other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effects of Population Density Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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