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Cardboard are used for most food packaging and other products. They are made from natural products basically wood products. There use is…
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PKG 381 assignment #1
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Waste Management Environmentally Friendly Package: Cardboard The two packed products chosen included crisp vegetables and filtered water contained in cardboard and plastic packages respectively. Cardboard are used for most food packaging and other products. They are made from natural products basically wood products. There use is environmental friendly since they are degradable when disposed. Most of cardboards are usually up to 80 percent recycled to be used for packaging (Guerrero, Maas, & Hogland, 2013). When recycled they are much affordable and saves the environment from land and air pollution when scattered or burned respectively. Crisp vegetables were packed in sacks made of cotton and sisal and these are products which are recyclable (Guerrero 2013). They have longer lifespan and can be used again and again before disposal or recycling. When disposed, they decompose over a short period of time.
Environmentally Harmful Package: Plastic
Filtered water are mostly packed in plastic, these plastics take hundreds of years to break down when disposed and are also expensive to recycle. They pollute the environment widely and expose flora and fauna in danger. Plastics even cause death to animals which humans really depend on. Being difficult to recycle makes man to dispose them any how due to our laziness posing threat to our environment (Guerrero 2013). Pudding containers are also made of plastic though somehow light. Still, they threaten our environment since it’s a loss recycling them. They require good disposal but not dumping them anywhere since they take long to break down.
Humans have the greatest part to play in the conservation of the environment. Their action determines our environment’s stability. Good practices should be put in place especially when it comes to products we use. There should be laws to help us manage our environment and avoid laziness (Guerrero 2013). With good practices towards environmental conservation, the organisms we depend on will be able to survive and in long run human life will be sustained.

Guerrero, L. A., Maas, G., & Hogland, W. (2013). Solid waste management challenges for cities in developing countries. Waste management. Vol 33(1), pp. 220-232 Read More
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