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Water Shortage in New Zealand - Assignment Example

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In this paper, the attempt has been made to lay down the methodology of the research conducted on water shortage in New Zealand. The methodology detailed in the paper is basically about the data collection, storage, record and analysis pertaining to water shortage…
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Water Shortage in New Zealand
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Download file to see previous pages The information which needed to be procured was the one related to water restriction and shortage and this was in reference to territorial authorities in the country. The study was centered on metering of water supply, water usage, water restriction systems, plans for water conservation, percentage of water consumed in TAs and charges imposed on the same. For this reason, it was crucial to acquire information from websites which was of government authority of New Zealand. Primarily, for this purpose the analysis was done as to what will be the ideal source to collect the data. With adequate information the decision was made to gather information related to territorial authorities and their respective regions .In this study, a qualitative research method was used to gain valuable insight as to the management of water in the country.
Now, the main issue was the water restrictions imposed in the country by the New Zealand Government .The information which was crucial was the water shortage and water supply in the country and how much of water restriction is present in the country at the current moment. The information collection with regard to this study is a significant task and for this there were certain associated problems .The problems like pace of data collection, the procedure of data collection and volume of data was a main concern in the research. Since the main issue was water shortage, it was important to collect information regarding the strategies of the water authorities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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