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Global Climate change abstract - Assignment Example

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The Keeling Curve, initiated by Charles David Keeling in 1958, plots the concentration of carbon dioxide against time. The curve shows a variation of the concentration of carbon dioxide with maximum…
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Global Climate change abstract
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Download file to see previous pages includes oil and coal deposits, limestone, and carbon-rich shale while the surface reservoirs include the hydrosphere, atmosphere, and living biomass. The long-term carbon cycle refers to the exchange of carbon between the Earth, oceans, and the atmosphere. It entails the reaction of carbon dioxide with water and rock silicate or carbonate forming magnesium, calcium bicarbonate, and silica, which then dissolve in the ocean. Heat and pressure release the carbon dioxide back to the atmosphere. On the other hand, the short-term carbon cycle denotes its exchange between the surface reservoirs, which is rapid. Carbon exchange between the atmosphere and ocean involves photosynthesis, solubility, and carbonate pump. Dissolved carbon dioxide decreases water pH (8.2 to 8.05) decreasing carbonate concentration and hence lessening the stability of aragonite and calcite essential for skeleton and shell formation. Therefore, acidification of water by carbon dioxide affects the reproduction of calcifying organisms. Acidification of the water also causes increased levels of nutrients, zinc, copper and toxic metals affecting the ecosystem.
Earth’s energy balance refers to the balance of solar radiation and the energy that radiates to space that affects the earth’s temperature. The solar constant, which is 1,367 watts per square meter, measures the amount of solar electromagnetic radiation. Received radiation on Earth depends on seasons and distance of the surface from the sun.
Albedo is a measure of the total incident light on the surface reflected back to space. It relies on the nature of the surface. Emission of radiation from the matter occurs in the form of IR radiation. Energy transfer to the atmosphere happens in the form of latent and sensible heat. Climate change is subject to forcing factors including greenhouse gasses, aerosols and changes in solar irradiance and land cover.
Greenhouse gasses such as methane, nitrous oxide, tropospheric ozone and carbon dioxide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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