Environmental Services and Economic Production in Indiana State - Assignment Example

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The paper "Environmental Services and Economic Production in Indiana State" explains the essence of the environmental services, which are offered by government in a bid to preserve the environment from the outcome of the production of the renewable energy…
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Environmental Services and Economic Production in Indiana State
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“Environmental Services and Economic Production in Indiana The economy of Indiana is founded on the agriculture, mining and manufacturing with agriculture offering the highest number of jobs. The economic production relative to the environmental services forms the basis of this essay. Biodiversity and environment are inseparable and need to be considered for the common good of the inhabitants. This brings the essence of the environmental services, which are offered by either government or private agencies in a bid to preserve the environment from the outcome of the production of the renewable energy.
Indiana State has embarked on an ambitious plan of reducing energy dependency by producing energy from the natural resources and stirring energy consideration and efficiency. There are more than five environmental services that sustain the economic production in Indiana. They include waste management in cases of conversion of Biomass to biogas and energy preservation (Donna, 135). The services are in line with the aforementioned plan of the Indiana state of produce thousands of metrics of energy from the natural sources such as coal, soybean and biomass among others. Presently, Indiana enjoys 11 operating ethanol plants and numerous biodiesel manufacturing plants. In addition the State has the world’s largest soybean plant. All these plants produce over one billion gallons of biofuel production capacity. With this enormous economic investment and production of energy from the natural sources, a greater need for preservation and conservation is eminent to safeguard the wellbeing of humanity and continuity of the resources. This perspective explains the endless efforts of the various environmental organizations to offer environmental conservation services. Such agencies include the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) (Donna, 143).
In conclusion, environmental conservations in Indiana State are of immense importance due to the fact that, the foundation of economic development is based on the natural resources, particularly in agriculture and energy production. To ensure continuity of these natural resources for the wellbeing of the inhabitants preservation and conservation services are necessary.
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