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Water: a Resource We Take for Granted - Assignment Example

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The paper “Water: a Resource We Take for Granted” seeks to evaluate effective management of water, which requires both effective legislation and change of attitude of the population in order to embrace economical utilization of water. In such extreme cases of water shortage, it is the case in California…
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Water: a Resource We Take for Granted
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Extract of sample "Water: a Resource We Take for Granted"

Download file to see previous pages Unsafe farming practices are some of the major factors that enhance the depletion of water resources. The use of fertilizers in farms pollute water sources a feature that renders safe and clean water unfit for human use. Furthermore, the chemicals in the fertilizers make the water unsafe for other animals that live and use in water (Charles, 2011). Farmers spend billions of gallons of clean water in irrigating. They end up wasting most of such water since they do not employ strategies that maximize water usage. Most farmers divert such fundamental sources of water as rivers into their farmers thereby destroying entire ecosystems besides wasting the water, the excess water from the farms flows back into the rivers. Such water is never safe for human consumption given the fact that they possess sedimentation. Furthermore, some of the water mixes with pesticides and herbicides among other chemicals from the farm.
The population of humans continues to increase a feature that increases the pressure and demand for water. Besides the increase in the population of humans, the level of carelessness in the management of water continues to increase. Such features contribute to the diminishing quantities of safe water. Additionally, the changing climatic condition owing to global warming is yet another factor that enhances water scarcity with the case in California being an evident proof of the effects of climatic change. The drought threatens into its sixth straight year. This implies that the people of California are likely to continue experiencing water shortages for a longer time. California presents a perfect case that shows the importance of water, at least the people of California appreciates the importance of the resource given its scarcity in the state. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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