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What surprised me most about my diet is the fact that I eat a lot of food containing meat without regulation or order. Most of the meat…
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Food Journal Reflections
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Food Journal Reflections al Affiliation Food Journal Reflections DAY LOCAL ORGANIC MEAT ANIMAL PRODUCTS BREAKFAST:2 Scrambled EggsYes
LUNCH: Chicken Breast
SNACKS: Chocolatesnack, Meat Burger.
DINNER: Salmon with salt and pepper
Contains white meat.
BREAKFAST:2 Fried Eggs
Vanilla yoghurt
LUNCH: Light Tuna canned in water
Yes. Contained white meat
Mid-afternoon snack:2%milk cottage chees
Yes. Contained milk
DINNER: ChickenBreath
LOCALS: 32.17%18.3%
ORGANIC: 0% 20.17%
ANIMAL PRODUCT: 32.5% 24.5%
MEAT:36.5% 38.4
I kept a food diary for two consecutive days, and it revealed quite a lot of factors that I would not have thought or take into consideration. What surprised me most about my diet is the fact that I eat a lot of food containing meat without regulation or order. Most of the meat I eat is not usually in whole meals from in-between between meals of breakfast and lunch meals or lunch and dinner.Furthermore, I noticed that I eat a lot of snacks during my mobile part of the day i.e. when moving from one point to another during my day to day activities. I had one and a half serving of vegetables and one serving of fruit per day (organic content) which I considered too little. For foods with animal products, I took a glass of milk for each of the two days. Most of the foods I ate are local foods.
Most of the foods stocked in the grocery and supermarket stalls in the country are local foods. It is important to prompt the local food industry by consuming more of the local foods than the imported ones (Wang,2014). The local foods are of an immense variety each containing specific nutritional requirements.The average American eats one serving of fruit and vegetable each day which is too little to provide the necessary organic requirements. There is also an increasing amount of meats consumption in American households while foods containing other essential animal products like minerals are on the decline.
A healthy diet requires that an individual eats a balanced diet every day while striving to sustain a caloric intake of about 2000 calories per day. This requires cutting down on meat consumption to at least once per two days and increase the intake of foods with organic content like fruits and vegetables to at least once per day. Along with fruits and vegetables, individuals should also strive to have at least every meal providing essential animal products apart from meat (Wang, 2014). Such products include milk, eggs et cetera.
Wang, D. D., Leung, C. W., Li, Y., Ding, E. L., Chiuve, S. E., Hu, F. B., & Willett, W. C. (2014). Trends in dietary quality among adults in the United States, 1999 through 2010. JAMA internal medicine, 174(10), 1587-1595. Read More
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