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Valuing environmental benefits of air and water - Essay Example

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Pollution has been a constant threat to a healthy and inhabitable environment. Water, air and land pollution are the most common types of…
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Valuing environmental benefits of air and water
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Download file to see previous pages Typically, many people living in major towns in developed and developing countries invest in getting cleaner and less-smoked air, while people living in polluted lakes and dams are investing to have water catchment areas cleaned.
Air is an essential part of human lives. Kneese (2013) agrees that clean air is an integral ingredient to a livable environment as well as a continuous healthy live. Global warming is an international economic threat that has been caused by increased use of uncontrolled industrial technologies. While industrial revolution forms a fundamental part in today’s world economy, uncontrolled use of industrial technologies may lead to degradation of the environment through the hazardous gases and waste from industries. Countries that recognize the environmental benefits of air draft bills and enact laws to control the use of industrial technologies, and ensure that misuse of these technologies attract severe penalties.
According to OECD (2001), areas that have little will-power to control the use of these technologies have witnessed continual air pollution making many regions within industrial and major urban centers uninhabitable. This is a typical case of people who do not value the benefits that clean air present to the livability of their environment, as well as the health longevity of the residents.
On the other hand, water is considered as the most priceless yet highly crucial resource in human habitation. Many economists and environmentalists have warned of the huge disregard for water resources. Due to this, many laws have been passed by different governments as well water conservative authorities instituted to ensure the resource is protected. The value of clean water in the environment ensures that people, animals and plants have healthy living (Kneese, 2013). Societies that understand the environmental benefits brought about by clean water ensure water catchment areas are well protected from agents of water pollution. Studies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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