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A local (i.e. smaller scale) environmental issue/problem analysis - Essay Example

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There are many types of water pollution which have varying effects to the environment. Water pollution harms human life, wildlife and the environment. Contamination of fresh water for human needs include the pollution…
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A local (i.e. smaller scale) environmental issue/problem analysis
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Download file to see previous pages These introduce bacteria and viruses that can cause serious diseases like typhoid in people in direct contact with the contaminated water and this is known as biological pollution. The second cause of pollution is industrial waste which contains toxic chemicals and pollutants, most industries do not have proper waste management and result to dumping their toxic waste into water sources like lakes. These toxic chemicals change the color of the water, increase mineral and change the temperature of the water which poses a serious hazard to the water organisms. Third, mining operations drainage from oils and gas mining operations which emit metal waste and sulphides from rocks which is harmful to the water. Fourth, spills and leakages of chemical products contaminate the water like oil spills that does not dissolve in water leading to oxygen depletion and causing problems for local marine wildlife like fish and birds. Agricultural operations is also a major source of water pollution like the use of fertilizers and pesticides which contain chemicals that leak to water sources causing harm to human and wildlife( Liu,Liptak 48).
The ultimate goal of the model graphic is to Provides a systematic way of managing water pollution; it also addresses the structures put in place for the management of short and long term impacts of water pollution. Third, it creates an opportunity for environmental accountability for both management and employees. It also sets a framework for training others to achieve the objectives set as well as helps understand legislative requirement expected.
Adaptive management is the systematic process for the continuous improvement of management policies and practices by learning from the outcomes of operational programs. This is an action-oriented approach to resource management that is used to monitor data that can be used to assess, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A Local (i.e. Smaller Scale) Environmental issue/Problem Analysis Essay)
A Local (i.e. Smaller Scale) Environmental issue/Problem Analysis Essay.
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