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How Small Construction Companies in Cyprus Can Be Expanded - Research Paper Example

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This report is a research on small-scale construction industry of Cyprus. An in-depth background with the problems of the industry is discussed which reveals that the small-scale construction industry of Cyprus faces many problems in getting contracts even though the construction industry is growing …
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Extract of sample "How Small Construction Companies in Cyprus Can Be Expanded"

Download file to see previous pages The questionnaire that was given to subjects has also been analyzed and studied carefully. Answers to each question are analyzed and criticized which allowed a comprehensive critical view of the findings of the questionnaire. These results also incorporated the findings from the interviews conducted. Thus an overall assessment of the problems faced by the small-scale construction industry of Cyprus was highlighted. The main problems that obstruct their expansion are competition, lack of education; legal requirements etc just to name a few.
Lastly, recommendations and the conclusion of the report give suggestions for the expansion of the industry. The recommendations given include concentrating on a niche market, get training and mergers of small-scale firms .this is followed by a reference list and the appendix.
This report is a research on the small-scale construction companies of Cyprus. The research is conducted as the industry seemed to be facing problems in expansion even though the country is developed and has tremendous growth prospects, especially in the construction market.
Cyprus is a developed country with skilled employees and significant investment taking place. According to Young, however, the industry as a whole is growing and construction has been a major contributing industry to the economy of the country. Nevertheless, only a small portion of the industry is growing and the majority of the small-scale firms are finding it difficult to survive in the industry. Upon analyzing the industry it was noted that the industry is overpowered by a handful of large scale industries.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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