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Environmental Studies. Superfund Site: Green River Disposal, Inc. and How did Lake Nyos suddenly kill 1,700 people - Essay Example

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Lake Nyos in Cameroon was quite, calm, still and blue before frothy spray out of the lake occurred in 1986. The frothy spray started by producing a rumbling sound that could be heard by the people living around the lake. …
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Environmental Studies. Superfund Site: Green River Disposal, Inc. and How did Lake Nyos suddenly kill 1,700 people
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Extract of sample "Environmental Studies. Superfund Site: Green River Disposal, Inc. and How did Lake Nyos suddenly kill 1,700 people"

Download file to see previous pages The frothy sprays created white cloud over the water that grew 100 meters tall from the ground (Susan, 1986). The farmers who got out to investigate the scene lost consciousness after breathing the air in the cloud making some people to lose their lives.
The heavy cloud created by the frothy spray channeled through the valley to settlement schemes leading to more deaths as a result of unconsciousness after breathing air in the cloud. Everybody was killed in Nyos, and kam expect four people who survived the horror cloud. The cloud followed the splitting valley as far as 25 kilometers, killing several people along with it. After three days, the cloud disappeared, and the unconscious people regained consciously and realized that their family members and livestock had lost their lives. The lake too had also changed to become shallow. Plants and leaves also floated on the rusty water on the lake (Susan, 1986).
Lake Nyos is Crater Lake and located in high inactive volcano region, pocket of magma lies below the lake and releases carbon dioxide into the water body that transfomrs the water into carbonic acid (Susan, 1986). In 1986, it was the carbon dioxide released by magma below the water that caused frothy spray of cloud that chocked and killed more than 1700 people and 3500 livestock in Cameroon (Susan, 1986). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Environmental Studies. Superfund Site: Green River Disposal, Inc. And Essay.
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