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The two reasons why antibiotics are termed as weak is the fact that they do not protect against major diseases such as AIDS and other life threatening diseases. The second reason why they are termed weak is the fact that the bacteria at times gets immune to the particular type…
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The two reasons why antibiotics are termed as weak is the fact that they do not protect against major diseases such as AIDS and other life threatening diseases. The second reason why they are termed weak is the fact that the bacteria at times gets immune to the particular type of antibiotics and they are little effective against it due to which they fail to protect the body against diseases. Or the disease reappears in a few months time again.
H.I.V directly hits upon the immune system. The result of which is the reduced capacity of the body and the overall organs within with regard to their defensive and protective strategy against anti bodies and diseases in general. The HIV/ AIDS virus is termed as a pandemic based on the fact that it is spreading from one corner of the world to other. The spread of it is at the highest rates that were least expected and is causing severe trouble towards the mankind in terms of the human life and safety as a whole. Africa is among the top regions where this disease is highly common (Johnston, p. 165). One common cultural shift and cultural policy through which this may be eradicated includes the idea of bringing about awareness against this disease. This can be done so by bringing the moral values intact and assuring that the people do not have multiple sex partners outside their marriage. Safe sex and other elements are also necessary towards its eradication (Bellis).
Bellis, Mary. History of Antibiotics. 15 July 2014. 5 Nov 2014 Johnston, Deborah. Economics and HIV: The Sickness of Economics. Routledge, 2013 Read More
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