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The main purpose of the Safety and Health in the use of Chemicals at work article is to analyze the various chemical related factors that affect workers in a factory. The author is trying to evaluate the various chemical risks that affect workers in the chemicals industry…
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Analysis of Health and Safety in Chemical Industries Article
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Health and Safety in Chemical Industries.
1. The main purpose of the Safety and Health in the use of Chemicals at workarticle is to analyse the various chemical related factors that affect workers in a factory. The author is trying to evaluate the various chemical risks that affect workers in the chemicals industry, thereby enable a better understanding of the existing risks to facilitate a safe and healthy working environment.
2. The article focuses on the problem of workers constantly getting injured while in the working place. The point of focus is the injuries that result from chemical accidents or mishandling of chemicals in a factory. Therefore,entire article is focused on the how workers are have to be careful regarding the use of chemicals, and the necessary caution that needs to be taken.
3. The background or context surrounding this article is the constant injuries that always define workers in the chemical industry. Current knowledge is short on the various types of injuries that exist, and the major chemicals and the hazards they pose to workers.
4. The author takes on the topic with a methodological point of view such that it is systematic in analysing the various factors involved in evaluating chemical risks in the factory such as identifying the different types of chemicals and the risks they pose. There are also ideological and theoretical perspectives in defining and assessing the characteristics of chemical injuries.
5. The key concepts that the article focuses on include the various types of dangerous chemicals that workers are constantly bound to be exposed to in their environments. There are also various descriptions such as the technical descriptions that differentiate the existing types of hazardous chemicals.
6. The most important information from the article is that it is essential to understand the various types of risks involved when working with chemicals in a factory. A good understanding of the different types of chemicals and risks makes it easier to tackle them and consequently enable a safe and healthy working environment.
7. The author points out that it is important to understand the chemicals that workers often deal with in a factory. This makes it easy to effectively deal with storage and counter any injuries that may arise. This leads to the conclusion that it is necessary to understand the different types of dangers present in the workplace, and effectively deal with them.
8. The author’s findings that different types of chemical hazards need different handling mechanisms makes it easier for authorities and relevant bodies to work on the most effective chemical handling mechanisms. It is also effective for educating workers on understanding the best practices for dealing with the different types of chemicals.
Workers are constantly injured in their workplaces due to contact with various forms of chemicals. Such injuries result in loss of working hours and general human suffering. This necessitates occupational health and safety oversight to facilitate the proper handling of the various types of chemicals that workers are exposed to in their respective workplaces. As such, this calls for risk assessment to evaluate the different types of risks, and an understanding of the occupational exposure limit to manage injuries. Therefore, emphasis is put on the various types of chemicals and their corresponding injuries. This creates awareness on the different types of management mechanisms, thereby enabling workers to understand the storage and labelling of the chemicals that they deal with. This enlightening ultimately leads to the creation of a safe and healthy working environment that prevents injuries and diseases.
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