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This is because there are a huge number of students in educational institutes who may experience health issues if they come in contact with untidy restrooms. Due to this they may end up missing a lot of…
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ISUs Restrooms and how to keep them clean
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How To Keep ISU’s Restrooms Clean The restrooms of every educational institute should be very cleanand tidy. This is because there are a huge number of students in educational institutes who may experience health issues if they come in contact with untidy restrooms. Due to this they may end up missing a lot of classes and course work and may fail to keep up with the class. Keeping the restrooms clean and tidy is the responsibility of the cleaners as well as the students. The cleaners of Indiana State University should follow a schedule to keep the rest rooms clean. They should visit the restrooms after every one hour in order to make sure that the bathrooms are clean and do not smell bad. Along with hourly visit they should follow a checklist to ensure that all the elements within the bathroom are clean. The check list should include points regarding the cleanliness of the floor, toilets and the washbasins.
The students studying at the university are equally responsible for keeping the rest rooms clean. They should follow the cleanliness guidelines that have been attached within the bathroom. They should ensure that they use the flush after using the toilet. They should even spray water on the toilet after using it to remove any mess. They should not write on the walls of the bathroom and destroy the paint of the bathroom. They should not throw used toilet papers within the toilet or the water closet. If they find the bathroom to be in a messy state, they should inform the cleaners about it. Read More
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ISU'S Restrooms and How to Keep Them Clean Essay.
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