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Macdonald's sustainability report - Coursework Example

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Corporate social responsibility in the fast food sector is a daunting task as consumers have developed a certain degree of scepticism about claims that any business in this area can be sustainable. Social concerns revolving around health must be addressed in consumer reports,…
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Macdonalds sustainability report
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, the issue of environmental sustainability has confronted several companies in the industry; their operations must be just in time and highly efficient, so sometimes this involves manipulation of the supply chain. Concerns about sourcing materials from partners that engage in unsustainable practices must be addressed. McDonalds’s requires chicken, milk, potatoes, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, oil and several other ingredients to make its products; it ought to ensure that suppliers do not use unethical means to raise or grow those commodities.
How the company is run also matters in corporate social responsibility; if electricity, water and materials consumption is not environmentally friendly, then customers will take notice. Excess waste is simply intolerable, especially with materials that can be recycled; fast foods are in a precarious position because they cannot sell food and retain the dirty dishes, so many of them have to use innovative methods to package their products. Some fast food franchises, especially the organisation under analysis, are global enterprises; therefore, their business practices in other poor countries have been under scrutiny. It is critical to ensure that one does not attract negative customer attention by abusing one’s position as a multinational in those nations. McDonald’s is arguably the most successful fast food franchise in the world, but this financial success has come at a price in terms of corporate social responsibility. The company is guilty of almost all the above-mentioned concerns at some point in time; the 2013 CSR report will be the basis for assessment of its corporate social responsibility.
McDonald’s 2013 corporate sustainability report identifies five pillars that it has worked on: food, planet, people, community and sourcing (McDonald’s, 2014). Food focuses on the dietary richness of the menu items; now the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Macdonald'S Sustainability Report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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