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Practical research assignment report outline - Literature review Example

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Mammalian pests such as possums, rats and stoats are of major concern today since they lead to environmental degradation and species extinction. New Zealand has focused its research on developing novel strategies…
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Practical research assignment report outline
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Download file to see previous pages Today there are more than 10 million possums in Northland alone (Northland Regional Council, 2014). The population has increased mostly owing to the non-existence of any natural predators of this pest. Studies have been done to understand the impact of possum infestation and fecal analysis of the pests has shown evidence of bird predation especially native forest birds. Possums are a major threat to local birds such as the kokako and kukupa (Landcare Research, 2014). Possums are also a major threat to the vegetation of New Zealand. It is estimated that possums feed on almost 21,000 tons of vegetation every single day (Landcare Research, 2014).
Stoats are members of the Mustelid family which also includes weasels and ferrets. By 1880, New Zealand, had already suffered problems from harmful pests such as rabbits and hares. Stoats were imported from Britain and introduced in New Zealand as biological control for rabbits. Today, stoats are widespread in most parts of New Zealand and have themselves become mammalian pests. They are extremely adaptable to any living conditions where they may find food (Dept. Of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai, 2014). Stoats are a major concern since they are a natural predator of several native birds of New Zealand such as the bush canary (yellow head) and kaka. They not only destroy the nests of the birds but also feed on their eggs and nestlings. This has led to sharp decline in the population of these forest birds.
In New Zealand three kinds of rats- the common rat, Pacific rat and kiore rat have been introduced. Kiore rats were introduced by the Maori as source of food. However today, rats pose a major threat to the biodiversity of New Zealand since they feed on birds, bird eggs and other small invertebrates such as lizards.
Use of chemicals to manage pests has been proved to be efficient. In 2011, an efficient and humane toxicant Para-aminopropiophenone was introduced. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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