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Some of the common uses of water include environmental activities, recreational, industrial, household and for agricultural activities (Franks, 2003). Water has various supplies and sources,…
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Water resources
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Water Resources Water Resources Introduction Water resources entail water sources that are potentially useful or are simply useful. Some of the common uses of water include environmental activities, recreational, industrial, household and for agricultural activities (Franks, 2003). Water has various supplies and sources, as well as social, economic and political characteristics that tend to make it a challenging natural resource when it comes to its management.
Problems Associated with Water Resources
There are various problems and challenges associated with water resources. One of such main problems is the aspect of competition among industries, cities and agricultural activities, which tend to limit water supplies. The ever-growing population also plays a significant role in promoting the problem whereby, groundwater is sometimes polluted from sources on the surface (Franks, 2003). Human actions remain the biggest problem to water resources in three different ways: misuse, population growth and inequitable access.
Principles in Solving the Problem
A more integrated and wider approach to water issues and policies remains important since water is a necessary resource. Lakes, rainwater, groundwater and even polluted water all come from a similar source. This means that global, national and the local actions towards solving the problem will be necessary and interdependent. Use of water in one system tends to alter water resources base or affect its users in different parts. In this case, fragmented bureaucracies must come up with coordinated decisions that reflect on individual agencies and responsibilities that are interpedently work together towards solving the problem (Franks, 2003). To help in resolving issues related to water resources, policy-makers must always be ready to review and explain problems and conditions related to the water sector. In this integrated approach, water managers must always understand the water cycle including ecosystem interactions, rainfall distribution and the natural environment (Franks, 2003). They must also be familiar with the diverse inter sectorial needs for water resources development.

Franks, S. (2003). Water availability and global change. International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, General assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) & International symposium. Wallingford: IAHS Press. Read More
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