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Analysis of Saudi Arabian Water Resources - Research Paper Example

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The present study looks to analyze the existing water resources of Saudi Arabia, the increasing demand of water; and also look to analyze the government policies and regulations when it comes to water resource management …
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Analysis of Saudi Arabian Water Resources
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that quality of water services in the country continues to be a real course of concern. To be a bit more specific discontinuation of services is a major problem. Very few cities actually enjoy continued services. According a survey conducted by FAO in Riyadh, in the last year water was available only once in every two and a half days. In Jeddah the water availability figure is once in every nine days. However, there has been slight improvement as in 2008n the concerned figure in Jeddah was and Riyadh was respectively 23 and 5 days.
This paper makes a conclusion that that it is quite likely that demand and supply of water in various sector would be a major issue for a country like Saudi Arabia considering fact that it is desert country. The course of concern would be leading to a whole new level due to the changes in climate leading to rise in temperature, low amount of precipitation, increase in population and industrialization. Also consistency in the level of water supply is something that needs to be taken care of. Although there are a lot of room for improvement, but still the government initiatives in the domain of water demand management has to be appreciated. The plan undertaken by the government for the development of the industrial city would go a long way in the overall control of water demand and supply. Based on the above analysis some recommendations have been provided. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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