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The future of electric vehicles - Research Paper Example

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Human actions have resulted into serious environmental issues. The actions include the high usage of fossil fuels as a source of energy. Burning of fossil fuels leads to the production of green house…
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The future of electric vehicles
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Download file to see previous pages Replacing such vehicles with the ones that use electric energy will bring positive changes in the environment.
Electric cars are vehicles that use electricity as a source of energy instead of fossil fuel. It is possible to use the cars since they already exist in some countries (Reddy & Tharun 957). The cars are environmental friendly because they do not emit pollutants in the air. Instead of fossil fuels, they only need to be recharged using renewable sources of energy such as solar energy. The first electric car was introduced in Australia in the year 2008. Each year more of such vehicles are introduced at affordable prices (Reddy & Tharun 957). There two types of electric vehicles entail the battery-electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. The battery electric ones have rechargeable batteries that can be charged at home or at charging stations. The hybrid ones have rechargeable batteries, but they need a small amount of fossil fuel to increase its effectiveness. The distance travelled using electric vehicles varies depending on many factors just like the non-electric ones. For instance, if the road conditions are poor, one will require recharging it more times. In addition, the size of the battery will also determine the distance covered using the cars (Reddy & Tharun 957).
The use of electric cars will reduce overreliance of fossil oil that has led to environmental degradation. The use of standard cars leads to the production of polluting gases such as carbon dioxide in the air. The increase in the amount of carbon dioxide and other gases produced cause the destruction of ozone layer. The layer helps in regulating the amount of heat reaching the earth. Due to the high usage of fossil fuel, this layer continues to be destroyed causing the increase in temperatures. The temperature rise has led to the degradation of the natural environment (Davis 4). For instance, temperatures ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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