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First, the author notes that a human is solely responsible for the well-being of both wild plants and animals. Human must protect their goods for their sake (Taylor 140)…
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Summery and response 2222
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Summary and response 2222 In this text, the makes several arguments concerning interaction between human and the environment. First, the author notes that a human is solely responsible for the well-being of both wild plants and animals. Human must protect their goods for their sake (Taylor 140). The author notes that offering protection to both wild plants and animals is paramount for health existence with humans. Secondly, the author argues that a human can work towards or against the non-human entity without such entity having knowledge of the effect (Taylor 141). Therefore, human goals can be to harm or improve such entities. Hence, the author notes that being good to such entities does not only entail staying together in peace or without causing pain.
Additionally, the author argues that human being sometimes respect nature based on idea that some things in nature have inborn moral value (Taylor 141). For this reason, human presuppose that only such things should be accorded respect at the expense of others that do not have inherent value. The author also notes that wild living things good must be considered irrespective of whether is for good or worse. The author also notes that when those entities that exist in the environment are granted inherent value by rational being, there is increased responsibility of protecting them (Taylor 142). As a result, most of the actions will be toward safeguarding their value.
The text also argues that giving wild living things inherent values should be based on respect for nature. Such respect helps in developing moral attitude and hence makes commitments to live by certain normative principles (Taylor 142). The text also notes that the attitude taken by human on living things depend on the perception and the relationship that occurs (Taylor 144).
On the other hand, the text argues that a human is not superior to other species that exist in the ecosystems (Taylor 145). The author notes that there exists some form of interdependence among all things in the ecosystem. The author also argues that there should be no justification for denying animals, plants, and whole species communication their rights through legal means (Taylor 153).
I agree with the author on several issues. In the first instance, I concur that human being is responsible for the well-being of other living things. This is because it is only human that have the capability of being rational and be able to decide what is good or bad for the other entities that exist in the environment. Additionally, I agree that taking care of wild things is good for our health existence in this world. For example, taking care of the water we take means that we can always access clean and healthy water. Moreover, it is good to respect nature so that we can be able to derive the benefits offered by nature. Lastly, a concur that human beings cannot be able to exist independently without relying on other components of nature such as wild plants and animals. Human beings manage to live through coexisting with plants and animals and even deriving food from them.
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Taylor, Paul. Biocentric Egalitarianism. Read More
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Summery and Response 2222 Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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