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In the essay, “Climate Change, in the End, Last Decades of 20th Century” the author analyzes the issue of climate change, which has gained public attention, in the end, last decades of the 20th century. To date, there is much controversy that surrounds the topic…
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Climate Change in the End Last Decades of 20th Century
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Extract of sample "Climate Change in the End Last Decades of 20th Century"

Climate Change Reporting The issue of climate change has gained public attention in the end last decades of 20th century. To date there is much controversy that surrounds the topic. While scientists have attempted to elucidate the aspects, they perceive to be the causes of climate change, there has been misrepresentation of facts, and there are generally several gray areas that require to be carefully looked at. When reporting some of the breakthroughs and aspects that the scientists think are the facts about the status of climate change, they are unable to concretely bring forth logical points that convince the people that the issues of climate change is ideally a catastrophe in waiting. In so doing, the media is able to punch holes to the ‘facts’ about climate change. However, through research and climate studies, the effects of climate change have been evident, this means more sensitization is required based on appeal to their reasoning and logic.
There are many facts that have been put forth by scientists concerning the status of climate change across the world. Clearly, one can be able to identify some of the effects of climate change. In a debate with CNN hosts during an interview, Bill Nye highlighted that scientific facts have clearly shown that the menace of climate change and the subsequent global warming is a reality. However, it seems that the media has heavily relied on the statistics that they think emanate from the American citizens. While the citizens may be wrong, it is clear that the sensitization on the detrimental effects of climate change has not reached the Americans or they are not convinced by the scientist’s prepositions.
Public awareness of facts on climate change is not tantamount to the inexistence of the facts. CNN hosts relied on research that only shows the state of public awareness and perception. This is a biased view because individuals are not able to understand the scenario during the old days; scientists are able to create a scenario where the past and the present are used to predict the future. Therefore, making a conclusion that climate change is not a major issue is not ideally correct.
Bill Nye is also shadow in the presentation of the scientific facts. While the CNN hosts are able to point to statistics about climate change based on the Americans’ perceptions, Bill is obliged to support his climate change advocacy with facts. The reason why facts should be used is because they are able to appeal to the logic of the hosts and the viewers. In so doing, the viewers and hosts can be able to either question the statistics or criticize them. When presenting the scenario on climate change it is paramount that Bill should have an array of findings, which point to common facts. However, his point on informing the public on the tornadoes and the case of Alaska is very valid.
In conclusion, climate change has attracted much skepticism from the media and public based on the view that the facts have not been well presented. In addition, the public is seen to have little information about climate change. They also seem to lack the global view on climate change. Climate change sensitization is required, scientific facts ought to be articulated well too.
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