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The author of this essay "LEED certification" casts light on the origin of the LEED award. According to the text, the award of the LEED certification is based on the expansion of the warehouse’s working space by 70,000 square-feet…
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LEED certification
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Journal- Radio flyer LEED certification The latest LEED Platinum award has been granted to the Chicago based organization Radio Flyer. The organization that majors in the manufacturing of red wagons have been known as an iconic organization following its renovation of the office space by nearly half based on the green technology. According to a statement by the Chief Wagon Officer, Robert Pasin, the core mission for the organization of creating kids’ products for the inspiration of creative outdoor activities among children is benchmarked on the successful projects that it has attained towards the conservation of the environment (Blesoff 17).
The award of the LEED certification is based on the expansion of the warehouse’s working space by 70,000 square-feet. In the present form, the warehouse has adopted an open space design that is marked by featuring eco-friendly parking lots, outdoor and indoor laboratories, and prairie plants adorned backyard. However, the general structure features wood beams that are exposed and indoor glass walls and skylights that are used to allow for the passage of natural light to fill the open space. These structures are geared towards the assisting of energy reduction in the building. Other significant aspects of the building that led to its certification include the installation of a geothermal cooling and heating system and ventilation air system that is solar heated so as to enable the reduction of the use of natural gas in the building by about 50%. Subsequently, about 10,000 gallons of storm water can be withheld by the storm water management system thus, allowing for the repurposing of the same into irrigation that is fertilizer-free.
Employees of the organization are also encouraged to be practicing green practices. This is in line with the dedicated areas of recycling such as in the storage of bikes in locker rooms for those employees who cycle to work due to the renovation created. Additionally, there are established parking areas that have been designed for low emission, but, high efficiency cars.
In the process of renovating the warehouse, about 20% of the materials that were used in its construction were obtained from regional products while another 20% comprised of recycled materials. Subsequently, other additional sustainable features of the building include brick walls that are highly insulated, plumbing fixtures that are low in their flow, permeable pavers, sustainably resourced wood, furnishings, and low VOC materials. In other aspects, green practices were promoted through the partnerships that the company has had with The Arbor Day Foundation. In this partnership, every purchase of a toy from Radio Flyer would require the planting of a tree. These aspects led to the LEED certification of the company. For instance, in transporting its products, the company is sustainably conscious through the partnership it has had with the Smartway Transport Partnership of the US Environmental Protection Agency; thus, ensuring that the movement of their products is done in a clean and most efficient way (Cottrell 25).
The organization now attributes the attainment of sustainable green practices to be affiliated to the hiring of new staff. It is considered as a significant selling point for the company in the hiring and retaining of new talent. According to Robert Pasin, the renovation was geared towards ensuring that all staffs are inspired to work in a sustainable environment and be an example to other organizations.
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