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Fine particle that emanate from fossil fuels cause smog and harmful gases including nitrogen oxides and chemical vapors.
An interesting topic is the…
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Five Air Pollution Topics
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Important Topics on Air Pollution Air Pollution Air pollution refers to a combination of artificial and naturalsubstances such as fine particles in the air that we breathe. Fine particle that emanate from fossil fuels cause smog and harmful gases including nitrogen oxides and chemical vapors.
An interesting topic is the impact of the Iraq war on air pollution. During the war, water sewerage and dams were destroyed resulting in lack of ways of water treatment, and thus sewage flew directly to river Tigris and Euphrates. This resulted in the spread of water borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid. Heavy earth moving machinery led to soil erosion. Sand was uncovered causing sand dunes that resulted in many problems in the city of Kuwait (Vasterling, 2006). Secondly, the Bhopal disaster had long lasting effects on the environment and health. The gases leaked from a pipe and caused the death of many villages in Bhopal, India. The survivors’ eyes and lungs burnt. The effects lasted for over a decade (Harrison, 2001). Thirdly, the effect of cadmium which results in air pollution on children is that it leads to many health complications such as cancer and neural dysfunctions. Cadmium also affects the hair of children. As such, many children exposed to this substance suffer from air loss or scanty hair problem. Fourth, availability of particulate particles in the air including carbon monoxide, nitrogen gases sulphur oxides, chemical vapors have harmful health consequences. Such implications include respiratory diseases and skin cancer (Pope III, 2000). Lastly, another topic is the erosion of the ozone layer that results in the release of Ozone gas. Ozone gas reacts with other harmful oxides in the air to form cancerous substances that cause skin cancer and other genetic complications
The topics chosen show the impact of air pollution on health and well-being of people. The reason for their selection is that they have health consequences on people. They are caused by man’s insensitivity to the environment. These topics are of interest as many people all over the world have health implications that result from pollution of air and the general environment. Such complications include skin cancer that is incurable and results from the erosion of the ozone layer. Others are respiratory and cardiovascular diseases caused by emission of harmful gases to the air from our industries. Furthermore, these topics are significant because they show the negative implications of man’s activities. These actions affect the world negatively both today and tomorrow. Air pollution is a worldwide problem and it needs to be addressed urgently for a safer tomorrow.
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