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The essay can be termed as effective in that it manages to deliver the author’s intended message which is his or her displeasure with the huge financial payouts that British Petroleum, BP is submitting to anyone and everyone who claims to have suffered a loss or otherwise as a…
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Restoration. Michael
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Number Environmental Studies Environmental Studies- Review of Essay The essay can be termed as effective in thatit manages to deliver the author’s intended message which is his or her displeasure with the huge financial payouts that British Petroleum, BP is submitting to anyone and everyone who claims to have suffered a loss or otherwise as a direct result of the spill which hit the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010. The author also does a good job of highlighting the different examples which he or she feels were unjustly compensated. These include the waiters and Lawyers who continue to look for clients willing to make a claim about the negative impact the oil spill (Crone and Tolstoy, 2010).
The arrangement of the essay is also impeccable since he proposed solutions as well as the realities of their adoption are detailed following the student’s pointing out of the unsustainable monetary schemes that BP has set up to possibly mitigate the severe environmental, economic and even social challenges that resulted from the collapse of the Deep Water Oil rig. These include environmental alteration processes that seek to undo the damages of oil and any other environmental challenges.
The essay however has two main challenges. The first one is the overly casual manner in which it is written making it appear to be more of an informal discussion of the matter at hand. The student barely follows the rules of grammar in this text leading to a number of spelling errors in the essay. Another mistake that was made is the mention of organizations purely by means of their acronyms. These include BP and NOAA which stand for British Petroleum and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. If the student minimizes on these minor issue, his or her essays will definitely improve in quality.
Crone, T. J., & Tolstoy, M. (2010).Magnitude of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil leak.Science, 330(6004), 634-634. Read More
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Restoration. Michael Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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