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The United States should NOT withdraw its troops from Afganistan in 2014 as currently planned - Essay Example

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Before the withdrawal of US military troops fighting in Afghanistan is taken into consideration, the background of the issue should be given importance. Afghanistan has been experiencing warfare since its inception. The recent conflict that took place in Afghanistan was a result…
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The United States should NOT withdraw its troops from Afganistan in 2014 as currently planned
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"The United States should NOT withdraw its troops from Afganistan in 2014 as currently planned"

Download file to see previous pages have started to believe that withdrawal of forces is necessary as the conflict has resulted in thousands of death and the figures continue to rise without any positive impact. According to the figures of June 2011, over 1500 US military officials have lost their lives and this figure does not constitute those who expired due to injuries. Several factors that need to be considered while deciding about the decision of withdrawal including return of Taliban and the outcome of the war.
The entire cost of the war has been quite high and the war has been associated with the recent recession experienced by the entire world. Afghanistan itself is in very bad conditions, the infrastructure has been destroyed during the course of the war. Before exiting from Afghanistan, US needs to make sure that life is restored in Afghanistan, if the troops leave now, the probability of return of Taliban and increase in the number of terrorists is quite high.
The war was led by United States and if they quit the region, other nations will follow their lead and the allied forces will lose control. On 12 February 2013, President Obama talked about withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the public of United States demands the same (GORDON, 2013). Withdrawing now is not a favorable option as the country is still under the threat of terrorists. If US troops leave now, the Taliban will return to nation as soon as the troops leave. This means that in future, events such as 9/11 will have a higher probability of re-occurring. Death of Osama Bin Laden does not mark the end of terrorism, as replacements of his leadership are already operational. To counter the issue, US troops need to continue fighting in Afghanistan and remain there until life is restored in Afghanistan and all terrorists are eliminated.
Withdrawal of troops during 2014 without achievement of end of terrorism and restoration of life in Afghanistan will raise question regarding the entire war. Those who lost their loved ones ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The United States Should NOT Withdraw Its Troops from Afganistan in Essay.
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