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I am of the opinion that, the student compressively covered most of the issues in the research and clearly tried to explain the current status of the mountain lion in Texas. She included the species in taxes, the method of conducting the study, and most findings of the study and…
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Mountain Lion Population Model
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Mountain Lion Population Model Mountain Lion Population Model I am of the opinion that, the compressively covered most of the issues in the research and clearly tried to explain the current status of the mountain lion in Texas. She included the species in taxes, the method of conducting the study, and most findings of the study and I agree that the work is very informative and explains almost all details about mountain lions in Texas (McKinney, 2003).
The student also included in her findings the distribution of the lions from the two regions in Texas that lions are likely to be found. I find this a strategic study mode considering Goldman’s findings of 1946 who stated that due to Texas being neighbors with Mexico, there will always be a significant number of mountain lions in Texas. The distribution of mountain lions is mainly in the west and south Texas which borders Mexico. However, the true population distribution is not known because there is no study that has been done before to determine the distribution (McKinney, 2003).
I feel that she could have included the history about the lions in the article, considering historically the entire of Texas was inhibited with , Puma concolor, a lion species (McKinney, 2003). This species was famous among people living in Texas then because they viewed them as a threat to their livestock. However, early 1890’s, the mountain lions were being killed at an alarming rate which in turn lead to drastic decrease in population.
Also, to be added in her findings are the strategies suggested in the survey that needs to be put in place. The study gave the following management plans that should be undertaken to control the lion numbers such as establish sink areas for rearing goat and sheep where no predators allowed, establish source areas where the lions reproduce without any interference and construct stable areas where harvesting can be done to control the mountain lions group (McKinney, 2003).
In conclusion, including the history and the three strategies is very important because mountain lions also contribute to the ecology and it is also of social and economical value to Texas. For example, lions help control the population of animals such as deer and other species which in turn help maintain vegetation cover, thus achieving a balanced ecology. The study indicated that most of the lions killed are female and the current rate of killing is higher than the rate at which the lions reproduce. Due to the killing, the existing populace mainly comprises of young lions and this is not healthy for any animal populace status.
McKinney Pat Billy. (2003). A field guide to Texas mountain lions. Retrieved from >1st May 2014.
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Mountain Lion Population Model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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