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Chinese Environmental Programs - Essay Example

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Chinese populations have long endured the harsh impacts of irregular environmental conditions that have been induced by the processes of industrialization and urbanization. It may be hard to put the entire blame on globalization since corporate forces from…
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Chinese Environmental Programs
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Download file to see previous pages In this report we assess the tremendous environmental impact that industrialization has caused in the People’s Republic of China and how the Chinese government has concentrated on getting regulations and enforcement in place to reduce the extreme degradation that industries were bringing about in the environment. Here is a quick review of the nature of regulations that the Chinese government has been employing recently.
The air was found to have heavy precipitation and highly convectional temperature swings in all parts of China. This was a direct result of the obnoxious gases that are released to the environment in the form of factory and automobile exhausts. The use of smoke filters was the very first regulation that China imposed on its automobile users, which was also accompanied by the restriction of ammonia rich fuels and raw materials in factories. This has helped reduce the level of precipitation to a great extent, although acid rains are reported in parts of the country still (MEPPRC, 2009, 56).
The release of gases like sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide has been controlled by applying strict regulations to papermaking, steelmaking, power supply industries. This has led to the reduction of their content in the atmosphere by millions of tons.
The country is full of rivers and it has been noticed that industrial releases like the ammonium and manganese wastes have caused enough harm to the flora and fauna found in the rivers. There is no doubt that, the river waters have turned poisonous not just for these creatures, but also for us. The governmental bodies have tested water of all the major rivers and have devised a national monitoring system that assesses the quality of water in each river and grades it. Grade V which is the highest order in terms of drinking safety is found in only a meager 2.3% of the river water that is found in China (MEPPRC, 2009, 26).
Since the river water is undergoing extreme ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Chinese Environmental Programs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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