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In my capacity as an environmental consultant, I hereby advice Hawks clothing company to halt the use of wool, leather and fur in the manufacturing of their products. I will elaborate on the reasons for my stand, and provide recommendations as to what the company should do in…
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Swaying of Congress Leading to Legislative Initiatives
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Environmental studies In my capa as an environmental consultant, I hereby advice Hawks clothing company to halt the use of wool, leather and fur in the manufacturing of their products. I will elaborate on the reasons for my stand, and provide recommendations as to what the company should do in order to be in business. To start with, I will explain my stand. Animal skin is turned into leather through a variety of processes that use chemicals like formaldehyde, coal tar derivatives and many more. The leather is also chrome tanned; hence all leather wastes contain chromium that pollutes the environment. The wastes from tanneries contain lime sludge, salt, and acids that pollute the environment (Babu, 2005).
The USDC found out that leukemia was rampant in people that lived around the tannery in Kentucky. Workers in these factories are exposed to arsenic, a chemical used in processing leather and causes lung cancer. Studies have shown that some leather products contain hexavalent chromium, a strong allergen that can lead to adverse skin reactions like eczema. Wool production also harms the environment, though indirectly. The ship was responsible for an anticipated change in the weather that causes badlands. Chemicals used in the production of wool also pollute the existing water sources.
Hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and chromates are used in the production and preservation of fur. This also affects the environments because the fur is a vehicle of pollution. Should any product contain any of these substances, ill advice the company to halt their usage and instead use alternatives like plant based fabric like cotton, linen and bamboo. Rubber, ramie, canvas can be used in place of leather. Providing toxic free products provides a competitive edge over rivals because consumers are willing to pay more for products that will not harm them at all. No allergies, no static charges, and there is a happy group of consumers. This will boost the sales and profit margins for the company (Easton, 2009).
Babu, N. C., Asma, K., Raghupathi, A., Venba, R., Ramesh, R., & Sadulla, S. (2005). Screening of leather auxiliaries for their role in toxic hexavalent chromium formation in leather—posing potential health hazards to the users. Journal of Cleaner Production, 13(12), 1189-1195.
Easton, T. A. (2009). Environmental studies (3rd ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Read More
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