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The present paper explains the meaning of scarcity of the natural resources and importance to find new ways to provide the mankind with the renewable energy sources. Technology is stepping in to offer substitution to most of the depleting resources, but the reality is that it will not supply all that is needed, especially the non-renewable sources…
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Scarcity of Resources
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The future of supply chain remains unclear for the large number of people in the world today. Resource hubs seem to be diminishing in size with the increasing demand from the industries and people. We need to observe that the earth has a finite supply of natural resources that may not meet the rising demands. Manufacturing industries seem to be on the limbo of stopping production in future, maybe. The ability of manufacturing establishments supplying continually is dependent of natural resources such as petroleum, crops, water, metals and others. The industrial revolution in the renaissance period seemed to have sparked major inventions that utilized lots of natural resources. Technology is stepping in to offer substitution to most of the depleting resources, but the reality is that it will not supply all that is needed, especially the non-renewable sources.
It is the duty of everyone to safeguard resources are utilized economically. When the nation leaves this to the manufacturers alone, they will keep producing with an aim of maximizing their outputs. Not all manufacturing companies will instigate measures to ensure future productivity. The government will therefore have to implement policies and rules that may ensure sustainability in future. On the other nations and governing bodies such as united nations have to monitor resources on a large scale.
Resource scarcity is both a local and global phenomenal that has influence on supply chain demands. With proficient management, the manufacturing industries seem to emerge winners for they will have continuous production. The chain seems to be cyclic as benefit to the manufacturing plants turns to be benefit to the people and thus an advantage to the nation.
Predicting the timeframe when resources will fully be depleted seems almost an infinite activity. This will means examining the behavior of the seven forces that shape current scarcity: substitution, recovery, discovery, continuity and reclamation exercises among others. With a declining trend in these factors, then the next century will see the earth’s resources fully depleted. However when plans to help in sustainability are adopted, the resources could last and regenerate for centuries.
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Scarcity of Resources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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