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Animal rights and non-western views - Essay Example

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In many cases, humans have mistreated and misused animals for their owe benefits with no attention given to their feelings and emotions. The…
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Animal rights and non-western views
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"Animal rights and non-western views"

Download file to see previous pages nimals rights have argued that these animals are totally different form humans, and therefore humans are superior and do not owe animals any moral obligations. Such an argument fails to recognize that even within the human species, there are obvious differences- skin colors, sex, and intelligence level among others (Singer, 1989). Yet, these differences do affect how human rights are enjoyed. Therefore, human beings out to respect other non-human animal species the same way they do for their fellow humans. Secondly, animals, just like humans, have interests since they suffer the same way human do. Unlike other non living things, animals have feelings similar to humans’ (Singer, 1989). It is then absurd to subject such animals to harsh and extreme treatments since this will amount to denying these animals their interests. Therefore, the treatment that appears harsh and unbearable to humans should not be extended to other animal species because they too have feelings. Finally, opponents of animal rights have argued that human beings have intrinsic or natural dignity that needs to be protected all the time. As a result, humans cannot be treated like other animal species, and therefore, no human has a moral obligation towards animals (Singer, 1989). What such groups fail to show what characteristic makes humans earn this dignity and not other animal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Animal Rights and Non-Western Views Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Animal Rights and Non-Western Views Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Animal Rights and Non-Western Views Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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Animal rights
...?Animals Rights Since inception, a common perception prevailed that believed in “dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air, over the cattle and over all the world and over every creeping thing that creped upon the earth” [1]. However the man kind started treating the animals as their property in many ways. The man kind was never entitled to use animals for entertainment purposes to say the least. Realization has been around in this regard and throughout centuries people have raised voice for animals rights The first instance in this regard was noticed in 1635 when a legislation was brought to forefront that opposed use of sheep fur for wool making [2].The British Philosopher John Locke gave idea of animal rights... , and no...
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...what is happening in the society in regard to the animal rights. In simple words Animal Equality urges people to stop using animals to fulfill their own needs and wants. Speciesism here refers to a form of discrimination which is used against species which are non-human. Animal Equality tries to urge people to stop exploiting animals by making them aware about the concepts of Speciesism. Similarly Veganism is a concept of urging people to consume a diet which is more associated to plants and does not in any way exploit animals. Both these concepts together are the basis for this organization in providing...
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...of that is saturated with growth hormones. This particular proposal pertains to a research paper; however, it is also meant to serve as a clarion call to humankind as a means to reignite the moral compass that has been lost and focus their attention on the moral harm that is being done to animals with respect to this industrialized slaughter and inhumane treatment. At the end of the day, the fact remains that we share a planet with these creatures and are ultimately related to them as life forms that share our planet Earth. As such, the two opposing views that people share with regards to this topic hinge upon the level of rights that the animals we consume should...
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...A Critical Analysis of Man-Animal Conflict in Animal Right Issues Introduction The question whether animals should have rights is one of the most debated topics in modern age. It has been viewed and examined from many perspectives. But scholars have failed to reach any unanimous conclusion. Anyway, while deciding whether animals should rights or not, the debaters mainly focus on several factors such as animal ability to learn, to use language, the level of their consciousness, their ability to feel pain, etc. A school of debaters of animal rights claim...
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...animals and moral ethics, it can be stated that killing or torturing of animals should be stopped as it can hamper the ecological balance. Question 3 According to Kant’s argument, the non-human animals have souls as they are able to move. It is an ontological distinction between the non-human animals and matters. The non-human animals are not just matters or mere machines. The animals do have souls as everything in the nature is either animate or inanimate. Moreover, the non-human animal can feel the inner aspects, such as pain, joy and...
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...number: Day-to-day survival with plants and animals There are many people in the United s with varying views concerning animal rights. Some of them believe that we have moral or ethical responsibilities towards animals, leaving us the suggestion that we should leave away a nation of meat eaters and shift to vegetarianism. Concerning this point, various philosophical considerations surface in order to convince the public that we have indeed moral or ethical responsibilities towards animals. Arguments are therefore essential in this case and it is the primary purpose of the work at hand to critically evaluate and focus on the relevant...
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..., it is difficult to take “sides” in this argument. As a matter of ethical stance the argument of Regan and Singer presents a clearer more definitive philosophical/ethical case, while Baxter’s hyper-utilitarian defense rings arrogant, unethical, and morally bankrupt. Both Baxter, and Regan and Singer rely heavily on the Utilitarian theory to support and dispute respectively the notion of ethics as applied to animal rights. As a theory of Mill and Bentham, Utilitarianism says the morality of an action is determined by its utility in providing happiness or pleasure to sentient beings. An action, as it were, is judged by its outcome. Baxter states this case word for word through criteria developed from...
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Animal Rights
...Sarah Alkhalifah Hazleton English 101 Dec. 6, Animal Rights Animal research has been used to achieve great milestones on many fields relating to health and medical wellbeing of both humans and animals. The research has reduced human suffering and come up with cures to diseases and conditions, as well as brought new knowledge into the world. However, due to the downside of the experiments, the main focus of the analysis lies on the abuse of animal rights in regard to their use in testing and financial exploitation. Experiments on animals have played a crucial role in the lives of both animals and...
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