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The company’s vision is, “to be the world’s most competitive and innovative energy company.” As the world’s population increases, more countries are continuing to develop and hence more energy will be needed to…
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Sustainability Shell Report
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Summary of sustainability shell report . Summary of sustainability shell report Shell is one of the leading oil company in the world. The company’s vision is, “to be the world’s most competitive and innovative energy company.” As the world’s population increases, more countries are continuing to develop and hence more energy will be needed to drive these economies. However, the more energy is consumed, the more environment pollution will increase. In connection to this, Shell global company has laid down its sustainability strategy to ensure that the environment is well taken care of (RDS, 2012).
The company has noted that energy production has a direct effect on water and food production. Therefore, the company has initiated a system in which their recycle, the water that has been used. In addition, in order to preserve the environment, the carbon dioxide released during oil exploration is stored (RDS, 2012).
As far as sustainable energy and business strategy is concerned, the company is investing more on gas production. This is because there has been an increase in social and environmental pressures. However, despite these pressures the company has still to meet its long term and short term goals. Therefore, investing more on gas production will reduce emission of carbon dioxide associated with petrochemicals. The company is also continuing to invest a lot of money in research and development, so as to have efficient and cleaner technologies (RDS, 2012).
Shell Company has also set out business principles which have code of conducts. The code of conduct helps the employees and organisations affiliated with the company to meet the set standards. The business principle also has human rights law which stipulates how fellow workers are supposed to interact while at work (RDS, 2012).
In summary, the company has laid out plans to manage the environment, and climate change. It is also improving the lifestyles of the local communities by creating jobs and improving the local infrastructure. The safety of all the employees is also well taken care of by the company (RDS, 202).
In conclusion, the company has a well sustainability program. This is because the plan has covered all the aspects of the company’s business area.
Royal Dutch Shell (2012). Sustainability report. Retrieved from report/2012/servicepages/downloads/files/entire_shell_sr12.pdf Read More
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Sustainability Shell Report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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