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Outlined the advantages and disadvantages of drinking bottled water - Essay Example

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Bottled water has been in existence for quite some time, however for the past few years, the amount of bottled water in the market has significantly increased. For instance, according to The University of Nottingham (n.d), ‘Britain consumes 3bn litres of bottled water per…
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Outlined the advantages and disadvantages of drinking bottled water
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Extract of sample "Outlined the advantages and disadvantages of drinking bottled water"

Download file to see previous pages In this assay, I will outline the advantages and disadvantages of drinking bottle water.
Bottled water has several advantages which have won the consumer confidence since introduction. To start with, there is a lot of convenience in the use of bottled water (Lopez 2012, p 160). This is because, it is easily get bottled water from most retail centres, and therefore, there is no need to worry about the availability of drinking water as long as there is a retail centre nearby. In addition, the packaging itself makes bottled water easy to access and drink since there is no need to have additional requirement when using a small PET bottle for example, a cup as would be in the case of drinking tap water.
On the other hand, bottled water is most preferred compared to the soft drinks, which are the close competitors. This is because, ‘they are calorie free, generally sodium free or low in sodium and quench one’s thirst better than the soft drinks’ (Brown 2014, P. 25). In fact, Lopez (2013), noted that ‘bottled water is relatively healthier than sugared soft drinks’. This explains why most people in the recent days would spend more to buy bottled water instead of a soft drink which initially was greatly accepted.
In addition to the low calorific value of bottled drinking water, the packaging prevents environmental pollutants from getting into contact with drinking water. According to Queiroz et al. (2012), concerns about outbreak of water borne diseases and environmental pollution have necessitated bottling of drinking water. Actually, it is normal to hear cases where wastewaters have contaminated the sources of tap water. In addition, the different gases and liquid waste emitted from the industries somehow find way in to the rivers and dams that are the main sources of tap water. This in turn has made people to lose trust in tapped water and elevate the need for bottled water in the modern families.
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