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Effects of oil spillage to the Dalian population - Research Paper Example

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Dalian is a major city and seaport in the Northeast part of China, and it is a great entry route to China due to its many ports, besides being the country’s most industrialized areas; its coastline extends for nearly 1,906 km, and with its rich ancient history, the area is a…
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Effects of oil spillage to the Dalian population
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Extract of sample "Effects of oil spillage to the Dalian population"

Download file to see previous pages The Chinese annual consumption of oil and its allied resources has been on an upwards trend due to the rapid industrialization in places such as Dalian reaching heights of nearly 6.66% per annum (Lu, 2004). The aftermath of the catastrophic oil spillage had great repercussions for the Dalian population because it disrupted all their socioeconomic activities while negatively affecting their health and overall quality of lives adversely. The Dalian oil spillage, however, is not the only one to occur in the recent years since other great oil spills have been reported all over the world with equal devastating effects on the surrounding cities and populations; for instance, the Deep-Water Horizon crisis in the gulf is one of them (Lustgarten, 2012). This paper will explore the effects of the oil spillage on the Dalian population by highlighting the adverse negative impacts of the oil spillage on the environmental as well as the socio-economic aspects of life in the city. Precisely, this paper will highlight the manner in which the Dalian population was affected by the oil spillage in terms of the disruptions in their socioeconomic activities, particularly in crucial areas of the city’s economy such as in the tourism and fishing industries. Similarly, this paper will examine the effects of the oil spillage on the Dalian population in terms of its negative health effects as a result of the contamination of water sources and air by traces of oil following the spillage.
Despite the numerous proactive disaster response initiatives taken by Chinese authorities to maintain the safety of human life and to stabilize the situation at the Xingang Port, the Dalian oil spillage resulted to adverse consequences not only for the environment, but also for the Dalian population (NTS Alert, 2010). Generally, the oil spillage resulted to adverse socioeconomic impacts, which greatly affected the lives of the population in the surrounding Dalian area; oil ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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