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Renewable Energy Wind Farms - Essay Example

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As America’s economy is faced with tough challenges today, the possibilities of alternative energy are speedily becoming the subject of conversation within the media. Although the notion of using alternative energy is not new, American citizens seem to be opening their eyes,…
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Renewable Energy Wind Farms
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Extract of sample "Renewable Energy Wind Farms"

Download file to see previous pages With the limited nature of non-renewable resources, alternate renewable energy needs to be harnessed in order to fill the energy gap made as these non-renewable resources are depleted. Renewable energy sources include geothermal, biofuel, wind, hydroelectric, wood, solar thermal as well as and photovoltaic, and biomass sources. Renewable energy production across America varies state by state (Vaseashta et al., 2005).
The intent of this exploration paper is to discuss why renewable wind energy is safer, cheaper, and cleaner than cleaner than fossil fuels. In addition, renewable energy production in replacing depleting nonrenewable resources can increase energy independence (at state as well as national level) and reduce risks of climate change associated with energy pollution of fossil fuels. Thanks to advances in technology, wind is becoming the fastest growing energy resource globally. Wind power is environmentally safe and does not produce atmospheric emissions or greenhouse gases (Hau, 2012).
The main salient description of wind technology is that it is renewable, free, and can be efficiently captured. Renewable energy is important and meets population needs. This refers to job creation, economic demands, and energy security (Quaschning, 2005).
Regarding cost deployment, a few issues have to be taken into consideration, the cost of renewable energy, the capacity of renewable energy and lastly the impact of renewable energy. It is argued that alternative energy is not cheap. When it comes to wind energy, the renewable resources are usually located in remote areas, and it is expensive to build power lines to the various cities.
The usage of renewable sources is limited in that they are not always available, for instance, solar power is reduced on cloudy days, calm days reduce wind power and drought reduces water availability for hydropower. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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