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Assignment 1: Environmental Theory and Law - Essay Example

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Both DSP and NEP aim to increase growth and development using resources available at the disposal. They also, recognize that there are factors that are plaguing the universal societies and there exist uncertainty that the employed techniques to solve these problems…
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Assignment 1: Environmental Theory and Law
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Download file to see previous pages P also, focuses on industrial period where growth of the population and wealth and exploitation of resources may go on without destroying the nature while NEP command the importance of protecting the environment and addresses ways to reduce exhaustion of resources. In conclusion, DSP beliefs that technology will protect Earth and all stuffs detrimental will be fixed by industrial development. Also, economic development and growth can solve all society problems. Lastly, DSP beliefs that only the political representative can understand and handle the problems of the society while NEP beliefs that environmental protection can be attained if population growth and growth in industries can be limited. Again, there is a belief that human are the core cause of planet deterioration. Lastly, the demise of Earth is correlated by actions taken by the human being.
Yes, New Environment Paradigm is most prevalent paradigm in the U.S reasons being; all creatures on earth including human beings largely depend on environment because that where they obtain the resources .Also, the argument on the conservation of the environment is important because it is a fact that resources are limited hence they must be utilized in wisely. Again, US believe those major catastrophes are as a result of environmental pollution example is the global warming. Also, there is a belief that resources can be available for everyone if well managed and developed. Environmental sociology rationale supports NEP has it interacts the society with the environment. It demonstrates that the society should protect the environment. (Dunlap, Van, &Jones, 2000).
Standing doctrine as applied in environmental law means that people can sue in court because they were “injured in fact”, the action directly caused the injury, and the courts can provide redress. In the case of environmental law a person may sue people who use aerosols that pollute the environment and cause negative effects on them. Examples are the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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