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The Use of Paper Cups and Wrapping - Assignment Example

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The author states that paper wrapping and cups give businesses in the beverage industry an opportunity to take advantage of this and increase their brands’ visibility in the market. Increased brand visibility has the potential to boost a firm’s market share in their line of business operations…
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The Use of Paper Cups and Wrapping
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Download file to see previous pages The increased awareness in the market for the need to be environmentally conscious requires that businesses illustrate their commitment to environmental conservation. This will work towards portraying attitude to a firm’s customers that it is focused on addressing their concerns and that their products are reflective of this commitment. Giving clients and customers the opportunity to have their coffees served in plastic or paper cups illustrates a business’s commitment to their customers’ opinion. The potential of and heightened appeal for environmentally conscious merchandise in the market, gives a product increased visibility. This is an aspect that cannot even be achieved by conventional advertising or it could consume a lot of resources to attain such brand visibility. Paper wrapping and cups give businesses in the beverage industry an opportunity to take advantage of this and increase their brands’ visibility in the market (Imhoff, 2005). Increased brand visibility has the potential to boost a firm’s market share in their line of business operations.
The use of reusable and recyclable paper cups and wrapping for various uses reduces the pressure that is put on the environment through pollution, littering and environmental degradation. Paper wrapping and cups are biodegradable, which implies that they are easily destroyed, in nature, unlike plastic and stray-foam cups that take long to decompose. Plastic and other non-degradable materials take a long time to decompose thus; they have long-lasting and harmful effects on the environments. Using disposable paper cups and packaging for coffee, vegetables, fruits and other beverages is an ecofriendly way to live in a sustainable manner that is not harmful to the environment (Imhoff, 2005). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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